Let’s create memories together

” insideofherpassport is the place for dreamers, creators, travel and crafting enthusiasts. Discover great hotspots, must do’s for your trip and delicious recipes on this website. In love with traveling, crazy about nature, other cultures and loves food. always looking for new inspiring places on this globe. ”

Before a blog post is posted, a thousand thoughts pass, 100 times wondering if it is good or not before hitting the publish button.

Small details are adjusted, a photo is replaced by an even more striking photo, and the blog is saved as a draft, read again a day later and adjusted again to make sure the best quality comes to life.



Wendy’s caring and pretty nicer, but don’t mess with her before her breakfast or when she is hungry! She’s a caring person at heart; her happy place is on the road, finding new adventures and stories to share.

She works as a freelancer in private home care and has a second job in childcare.

Her main hobbies are: eating, crafting with the Cricut Maker® 3, annoying the boyfriend with a million hypothetical ‘what if’ questions (especially when he’s tierd from work), and going on adventures in this big wide world.

The boyfriend

Better known as the man behind the camera. The man who created 90% of the photos on this blog. After several vacations, he has accepted to be Wendy’s personal photographer and arranges for Wendy to be in the picture without other travelers. This sometimes requires several attempts (usually from Wendy) to get into the correct position.

In all seriousness, he loves his work in healthcare, he’s all about exploring the world… and dodging Wendy’s endless ‘what if’ questions!

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